Blockchain has these direct relationships with everyone’s lives

In recent years, blockchain has definitely been one of the hottest Internet topics. Many people’s direct reaction to blockchain is “Wow, it’s a great technology”, and then a more normal reaction is “But it seems to be the same as There is no direct relationship with my life.” This kind of thinking is very common and normal for people who are not exposed to related industries. Because the essence of blockchain is the collection and management of data, which is a term in the field of information technology.

Blockchain has these direct relationships with everyone’s lives

Blockchain-Rebuilding the Market Ecosystem

Using blockchain technology to build transaction infrastructure will eventually form a new market ecosystem.

The term ecosystem was proposed by British Arthur Stanley in 1935. In order to survive and reproduce, organisms compete and cooperate with each other, compete for resources and co-evolve, and jointly respond to external threats.

Facing the ever-changing market environment, today’s enterprises should not be regarded as entities in a single industry, but as a member of a business ecosystem composed of members from multiple industries.

Blockchain-Linking the Global Unified Market

In the past decade or so, people all over the world have enjoyed the dividends brought by global integration. Facing the increasingly unified global market, it is itself a huge ecosystem.

In this ecosystem, a product may be launched on the market with investment from Americans, design by Europeans, production by Chinese, and customer service by Indians.

Therefore, we see that participants and other market actors in this large global market are sometimes competing and sometimes cooperating in this ecosystem.

Blockchain-Ensuring trust through technology

So in this system, people need to cooperate extensively and frequently, and trust is as important as air and water. People cannot survive without water, cooperation cannot be carried out without trust, and transactions cannot be completed.

The change brought about by blockchain technology is to minimize the cost of trust between people. Allowing transactions to be completed quickly and brands to be quickly created, blockchain is different from previous technological advances. It has fundamentally changed the organizational form of human society, changed production relations, and established a new economic ecosystem.

Attitude towards blockchain – from confrontation to understanding

We need to use this system to create a digital brand that covers the world. We need to use this system to turn consumers into stakeholders, and interact with all consumers through the community to complete brand co-building, achieve brand dividend sharing, and use smart The contract distributes benefits. Let the dividends of technology go to the people. Just like Satoshi Nakamoto’s original prediction: people’s attitude towards blockchain will gradually shift from indifference and confrontation to understanding and cooperation. There are already many blockchain practitioners around the world, and they are promoting a large number of experimental projects and exploring the huge potential it brings to change the world.

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