Blockchain can be divided into three types according to the degree of publicity and whether there is an access system.

Is blockchain open and transparent? Blockchain is certainly open and transparent, but blockchain also has its limitations.

At present, the entry threshold for each node is getting higher and higher, and it is difficult for individual users to become nodes. The number of global nodes in popular blockchains may be tens of thousands or even thousands, but most nodes remain in the hands of large investors. , the real voice of the masses is relatively small.

Blockchain can be divided into three types according to the degree of publicity and whether there is an access system.

We must wait for further technological advancements and revolutionary breakthroughs in fields such as computing power and storage. If everyone has something like a mobile phone in their hand and can participate in becoming a node, and the blockchain throughput capacity can be further exponentially amplified, then Only then will real large-scale applications come.

Blockchains can be divided into three types of blockchains according to the degree of publicity and whether there is an access system: public chain, private chain and alliance chain.

Public chain: Completely open, anyone can access the blockchain, anyone can participate in the node competition for the right to produce blocks (that is, write blocks), there is no access mechanism, for everyone It’s all open and transparent.

Private chain: Not fully public, general access permission is limited to a relatively small scope, such as a department or company. There are admission mechanisms that dictate who can view and write to the blockchain, but not everyone can access and participate. So it’s open and transparent only to people within the scope of access permission.

Consortium chain: The consortium blockchain is between the public chain and the private chain. It is not completely public. Generally, the access permission is limited to a relatively small range, such as an institution or organization. The scope must be A bit larger than a private chain. There are also access mechanisms that dictate who can view and write to the blockchain, but not everyone can access and participate. Therefore, it is only open and transparent to those within the scope of access permission.

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