Flexible employment platform development-how to operate the flexible employment model?

Flexible employment platforms reduce costs and recruitment difficulties for enterprises, and help individuals increase their income and find jobs. Therefore, flexible employment is becoming more and more popular among people. This flexible model is accepted by everyone, but the specifics of the flexible employment model are How to do it?

Flexible employment platform development-how to operate the flexible employment model?
Flexible employment

There are three roles in the flexible employment model.

The first is companies that need to be compliant and reduce costs.

The second is the flexible employment platform.

The third is workers.

After we understand the three roles of flexible employment, let’s take a look at the operation process of the flexible employment model.

First, we need to build production relationships.

The company signs an outsourcing agreement with the flexible employment platform, which clarifies that the platform is a business contracting relationship. The platform and the workers sign an employment service agreement, which clarifies that the platform and the workers are a business contracting relationship.

Second, the flow of funds.

Enterprises pay fees to workers through the platform, and the platform makes centralized individual tax declarations.

Third, the platform receives the business expenses of the enterprise and issues a special invoice of 6% to the enterprise, which can be used as input deduction.

Because it is a business contracting relationship, the operating income tax rate is 5%-35%. However, through the approved collection policy, the flexible employment platform can set the personal operating income tax at 5%-35% and set it to 0.6%-1.5% to declare individual income tax collectively.

This is the operation process of the flexible employment model. When using flexible employment, all bosses must use it in a compliant and legal manner. If you do not do so, you will have to pay taxes at the most, or you will have food and accommodation included.

Note: Only for labor dispatch and human resources

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