Basic knowledge of blockchain public chain

The blockchain public chain refers to a blockchain that everyone can load, everyone can push transactions and the transaction can be reasonably confirmed, and everyone can participate in the whole process of consensusTechnology.

The public chain adopts methods such as the proof of labor system (POW), the proof of interest system (POS), and the equity authorization proof system (DPOS), and integrates economic development rewards and data Encrypted data authentication merges and establishes a standard that the economic development rewards that everyone can obtain from this are positively related to the amount of labor. This kind of blockchain technology is often considered to be a complete blockchain technology.

Basic knowledge of blockchain public chain
Blockchain public chain

The operation principle of blockchain games is the same as that of the public chain of blockchain technology, and it also focuses on a consensus basis. We know that the public chain is judged by the total number of connection points participating in the basic construction and maintenance of the public chain to judge the value of the public chain. Some public chains simply cannot withstand any incidents. If there is a slight movement, the entire consensus basically collapses , so the use value of a public chain decreases or returns to zero in an instant. Chain games are the same. Some chain games have their own design problems, and the update frequency is extremely low. The development and design team is indifferent to the needs of users, and does not consider whether the economic development of mobile games is logical. The blockchain game is bound to lose out quickly in a market where there are not many new players to support it.

As a staff member of the elite team that perfects the development and design of the public chain, today I would like to introduce the professional knowledge of public chain development and design to you.

Today, there are more than 40,000 kinds of currencies in the world, and only 20-30 kinds of public chain development. Which currency has long-term public chain development value? It must be the development and design of the public chain itself.

Today, the market competition of the public chain is no longer as mindless as it was then, and the scientific research and development resources, asset applicability, and customer ecological civilization needed to manage a new public chain project well Construction and business cooperation cannot be solved by an elite team relying on the corporate vision. To really do a good job in a public chain, it is necessary to have a very sound system management (this cannot be done only by the autonomy of the blockchain technology). In fact, there is no way to say which public chain will be successful in the future.

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