Blockchain helps online business models, and industrial blockchain enters the market

Blockchain helps online business models, and industrial blockchain is entering

After blockchain was officially included in the scope of “new infrastructure” by the National Development and Reform Commission, multi-industry scenarios have accelerated. At present, some provinces in China that are pioneers in blockchain have gradually implemented blockchain application scenarios in cross-border finance, smart government affairs, electronic certificate deposits, etc.

Blockchain helps online business models, and industrial blockchain enters the market
Blockchain business model

The background of the proposal of digital infrastructure is the vigorous development of new generation information and communication technology. Like water, electricity, and roads, digital information has become an essential element of production and life. Specifically, digital infrastructure mainly includes information infrastructure and the digital transformation of physical infrastructure.

Digital infrastructure is a new type of infrastructure based on the present and facing the future. It complies with the social development trend of networking, digitalization and intelligence, and provides a platform and guarantee for mankind’s new production and lifestyle in the future. On this new platform, human life, industrial structure, economic development, social governance, and cultural ecology will all open a new page.

Blockchain can help achieve distributed data sharing and solve the problems of establishing traditional big data center databases. The privacy computing technology of blockchain can realize the technology of calculating data and verifying the calculation results without ensuring that the data provider does not leak sensitive data. Under the privacy protection technology of blockchain, new online business models may arrive quickly. Blockchain technology can help realize distributed data sharing, solve the problems of establishing traditional big data center databases, ensure real-time credibility of statistical data, and effectively avoid data leakage and security liability issues.

The application of blockchain in the data field will improve the industry’s full utilization of massive data assets and open up the circulation and integration of massive data. For many corporate merchants, through the integration of internal and external data as well as online and offline data, a new sales closed-loop ecosystem is built to achieve consumer demand-oriented and create a big data intelligent business application model based on business scenarios.

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