What certificates are needed for WeChat official account development

The following types of certificates are required for WeChat official account development: 1. Business license: Before applying for a WeChat official account, you need to register a company and obtain a business license.

The business license is the proof of the identity of the legal person of the enterprise, and it is also one of the necessary materials for WeChat to authenticate the official account.

2. Organization code certificate: The organization code certificate is a certificate obtained by an enterprise legal entity after registration with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, which is used to identify the enterprise The organizational structure and management of the legal entity.


What certificates are needed for WeChat official account development

When applying for a WeChat official account, you need to provide an organization code certificate as a supplementary proof of corporate identity.

3. Tax registration certificate: The tax registration certificate is a certificate obtained after the enterprise registers with the national tax department, and is used as a basis for taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations.

When applying for the WeChat payment function, it is necessary to provide a tax registration certificate as proof of the taxpaying qualification of the enterprise.

4. Bank account opening license: To open the WeChat payment function, you need to bind the bank account of the company, so you need to provide a bank account opening license as a valid proof of the bank account.

The bank account opening license is issued by the bank to prove that the company has opened an account with the bank.

5. Legal person ID card: When applying for a WeChat official account, you need to provide the identity certificate of the corporate legal person, that is, the legal person ID card.

The legal person ID card is used to prove the identity and legitimacy of the corporate legal person.

The above are the main certificates required to apply for WeChat official account development.

While providing these certificates, it is also necessary to fill in the relevant application form in accordance with the requirements of the development of the WeChat official account, and provide the basic information of the enterprise and other necessary materials.

Please note that the specific certificate requirements and application process may change according to local policies and updates of the WeChat platform. It is recommended to carefully read the WeChat official account development documents before applying, and consult the relevant responsible department or professionals.

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