• Blockchain helps online business models, and industrial blockchain enters the market

    Blockchain helps online business models, and industrial blockchain is entering After blockchain was officially included in the scope of “new infrastructure” by the National Development and Reform Commission, multi-industry scenarios have accelerated. At present, some provinces in China that are pioneers in blockchain have gradually implemented blockchain application scenarios in cross-border finance, smart government affairs, electronic certificate deposits, etc. The background of the proposal of digital infrastructure is the vigorous development of new generation information and communication technology. Like water, electricity, and roads, digital information has become an essential element…

  • Which industries will develop faster after the epidemic?

    Which industries will develop faster after the epidemic The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has changed the rhythm and way of our lives. Many industries have been severely hit by the epidemic, and many industries have discovered new opportunities during the epidemic. Let’s look at the economic performance in the first half of the year to see which industries will develop well after the epidemic. 1. Remote collaborative working Are outings restricted during the epidemic? However, normal business operations must continue. Many companies conduct remote work through DingTalk, etc.,…

    News 2023-10-20
  • Shanghai APP Development-What new opportunities can APP development bring to traditional enterprises?

    Now can be said to be the era of mobile phones, because almost everyone keeps their mobile phones at hand. Compared with the frequency of computer use, the frequency of mobile phone use can be said to be more frequent in our daily lives. From this aspect, it can be seen that the mobile terminal is more marketable, and the advantages of the APP are also very consistent with the characteristics of the mobile terminal market. It is simple and easy to operate and has no geographical restrictions. Many industry…

  • E-commerce system management: What are the development modules of the new retail e-commerce platform system?

    Nowadays, offline and online retail e-commerce have begun to be deeply integrated. Coupled with the acceleration of modern logistics and the upgrade of warehousing, service providers will use innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and mobile communications to form the concept of new retail in the future. The era of purely online or offline e-commerce is coming to an end. New retail will lead a new business model in the future. In the Internet era, the traditional retail industry has been impacted by the e-commerce Internet. New industry…

  • New Technology Trends: 5 New Technology Development Trends in 2022

    Today, there are many emerging technology trends serving businesses. It is very necessary to understand the new trends as it can be a boost for the company. With this information, we can easily upgrade our company and make it easy for potential customers to contact us. Additionally, the latest technology trends enable businesses to stay relevant in the technology world. From 3D printing to eliminating hackers through cybersecurity, it’s critical to adopt these technology trends so your business can grow and retain customers. Here are the top 5 new technology…

  • Detection of Prohibited Words in the New Advertising Law

    With the rapid development of the Internet, basically every enterprise has its own corporate website. Users promote their own products or company image, and their own website promotion vocabulary is not used casually. If you do not understand the “New Advertising Law”, it is easy to touch When encountering prohibited and illegal words, because if you don’t pay attention, you may violate the new advertising law, and you will be punished by the industry and commerce department according to law If your company or enterprise has these behaviors and is…