Analysis of the Status Quo of the Metaverse

Metaverse RecentIt’s very popular, even Facebook changed its name to meta, and started to enter the metaverse with all its strength. Google, Microsoft and other industry giants have laid out their plans one after another. Maybe everyone is very excited now, and they are starting to look forward to and look forward to the future life in the metaverse. However, to pour cold water on everyone, the metaverse, especially the metaverse at this stage, is purely a profit-seeking game for capitalists, and has nothing to do with ordinary people.

Analysis of the Status Quo of the Metaverse

Next, describe why this is the case.

The so-called Metaverse allows everyone to live in a virtual world, and then two conditions must be met, vision + perception.

Although VR vision is still not satisfactory, at least it is still developing and perfecting.

As for the perception technology, just imagine the feeling of a leaf falling on us after wearing the device. We really haven’t even touched the door of this technology, because it has nothing to do with programming at all. It is completely in the field of brain nerve and brain synapse science.

At present, human research in this area is still in the field of exploration. Even the Nobel Prize winner Suderhoff said, “I have studied brain nerves all my life, and finally found that this is completely a philosophical problem.” Because the route taken by Western medicine is an anatomical route, I only know it when I see it, and I only confirm it after I confirm it. But the information transmission of brain nerves and brain synapses cannot be seen through anatomy.

There is no way to start with the current method theory, so the research method is still in the exploratory stage. But why all walks of life are deploying metaverses now? This is related to the current high valuation of the market economy and the high leverage of financial derivatives. Just like many new energy car companies today, they haven’t even produced 500 cars a year, but the market valuation is indeed much higher than that of high-volume car companies like Volkswagen. This is the status quo of the high valuation model of today’s market economy.

Therefore, the metaverse is not a technological singularity at all, but the real singularity is a revolutionary breakthrough in brain nerves. However, if we really reach that point, when we can immerse ourselves in the virtual world, what is the value of our human beings? Where is the future of human development?

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