What is WeChat h5? Professional WeChat H5 suppliers provide WeChat H5 customized services

What is WeChat h5?

WeChat H5 is a new type of mobile social marketing tool. With its simple, quick, flexible and cool features, H5 marketing has attracted a large number of users to recognize and use it, and has gradually formed a new hot spot in mobile marketing.

WeChat h5 development
WeChat h5 development

WeChat Interactive H5 is a new type of mobile social marketing tool. With its simple, quick, flexible and cool features, H5 marketing has attracted a large number of users to recognize and use it, and has gradually formed a new hot spot in mobile marketing. H5 refers to: webpages with cool effects that can achieve Flash effects (such as various animations and interactions) presented on mobile terminals that can play Flash on smartphones, and are used for advertising and marketing. It can be referred to as “mobile PPT” for short.

Professional WeChat H5 suppliers provide you with customized WeChat H5 services

H5 product introduction type

Product introduction-type special pages are relatively common in the marketing process of enterprises. This type of H5 design usually focuses on the introduction of product comprehensive performance, and uses the advantages of H5 interactive technology to fully display product features, grasp the pain points of users, and attract users. Attention to the product stimulates the user’s desire to buy.

What is WeChat h5
What is WeChat h5

H5 online activity operation type

The form of the H5 page created for event promotion and operation is quite changeable. Today’s H5 event operation pages need to have stronger interaction, higher quality, and more topical design to promote user sharing and dissemination. From entering the WeChat H5 page to landing in the brand App, how to design a suitable drainage route is also quite important.

H5 brand promotion type

Different from the time-sensitive activity operation page, the brand promotion H5 page is more like the micro-official website of the brand. It will be more inclined to shape the brand image and convey the spiritual attitude of the brand to users. Therefore, designers need to use a visual language in line with the brand temperament in the design of the H5 special page to deepen the user’s impression of the brand.

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