Shanghai APP Development Company-APP Development Price Analysis

With the continuous enrichment of mobile APP development methods, when using different development methods to complete APP software development, there is a big difference in price, which is divided into the following levels.

In app development, there are many personnel needs and the development cycle is long. If you are not too familiar with code development apps, you may need to find professional friends to help manage the entire APP development process. .

Shanghai APP Development Company-APP Development Price Analysis
APP development price

1. Native APP development has the highest price

Adopt the native APP software development method and customize the development according to the actual needs of customers. This mobile APP software development method is the most expensive. The specific price is closely related to the number and complexity of functions developed by the APP. There are a large number of functions, complex production, and a large number of interfaces. The software development cycle is long and requires a lot of manpower. Naturally, the price will be higher. If calculated based on the monthly salary of 15,000 yuan for an Android development engineer and 18,000 yuan for an iOS development engineer, the monthly development expenditure for two versions of the APP is at least 33,000 yuan.

Due to high development costs, the price of APP software development is also high, but the advantages of native APP software development cannot be replaced by other methods, especially for complex functions and later scalability. Mobile phone APP software development with strong demand or numerous interfaces must also adopt native APP development methods. Other methods cannot achieve the desired results.

2. Modularly developed APPs are second in price

The mobile APP module development method is also a kind of customized development. However, in the historical development process, the APP development company has modularized the common functions so that next time When used, if the module function is available and no additional function development is required, the development cycle of APP software can be greatly shortened, thereby reducing the cost of mobile APP development and also reducing the quotation for external APP development.

This method depends on whether your mobile APP development needs are included in the existing functions of the other APP development company’s modules. If not, then you have to develop native APP software function modules. development.

3. The price of hybrid development APP software is lower

Hybrid mobile APP development refers to the use of a cross-platform system for mobile APP software development that can adapt to the use of different mobile operating systems.

There are many such platforms, among which WeChat applet is a very typical example.

Write code on the mini program development platform provided by WeChat. The developed mini program is a mobile APP that can be opened and used on Android phones and Apple phones. Although this method of developing mobile APP software can shorten the APP development cycle and reduce development costs, it has the biggest disadvantage, that is, the developed APP software is obviously slow in operation response speed, and some functions have bugs and are difficult to perfect. Mainly due to the mixed development platform when the code is recompiled.

In general, mobile phone APP software can be developed using a hybrid method. The functions are unstable, the user experience is not good, and the function upgrade and expansion are difficult. You can adjust a more complex mobile phone For APP, it is recommended to use native development.

4. The template-style mobile APP software has the lowest price

Template mobile APP software development means that the APP development company has already prepared the APP software with corresponding functions. If it meets your needs, just buy it and use it, but don’t expect the other party to do it. If you carry out customized development beyond the functions of the template APP, the development cost will be higher, even higher than the native customized development. You must be aware of taking full advantage of this.

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