• What should you pay attention to when developing a real estate service APP?

    When choosing to buy a house, everyone not only needs to consider the economic conditions, but also needs to analyze the future development or the regional situation, etc., to understand which houses are suitable for you now. The functional section is also very important for a mobile software. Among them, combined with the form of real estate service APP development, multi-functional integration can be achieved. When developing a platform project, it is necessary to go deep into the market, understand the market, and analyze the market, so that we can…

  • Shanghai Software Development-Under what circumstances is customized software development needed?

    Software customization development is tailor-made development based on customer needs. Compared with pure products, software customization development will face the following problems: long implementation cycle, high cost, The risk is high. Fully customized development means that software vendors conduct software demand analysis, system design, coding, and testing from scratch based on customer needs. So the customization requirements are high and the cost is high. Under what circumstances is custom development required? 1. The personalized needs of enterprises are relatively prominent The business needs of the enterprise are relatively complex and…

  • APP development related knowledge and solutions

    At present, there are more and more users making software in the mobile Internet era, but only a few of them really understand the development industry. Most of them have ideas but have not practiced them, and it is easy to get into trouble. Software made at a high price is unsatisfactory and cannot achieve the desired effects. There is no follow-up guarantee for the software that is made after using it. If you want to avoid these problems, you must have a general understanding of software development. . Below…

  • What are the common precautions for enterprises to do SEO optimization?

    What are the common precautions when enterprises do SEO optimization? There is a saying that when you have goals, things are often easier to achieve. Therefore, when an enterprise does online marketing, it needs to have a very clear understanding of the company’s dynamics and website data. It needs to pay attention to the following three points: 1. Regularly do data analysis of the industry and competitors In addition to monitoring the other party’s website, keywords, and bidding data, you can also pay more attention. In addition, it can also…

  • Why Enterprise WeChat Needs Secondary Development

    Enterprise WeChat is an enterprise-level instant messaging and collaboration software developed by Tencent, which can help enterprises communicate, collaborate and manage internally. Enterprise WeChat has many rich functions, including group chat, file sharing, schedule management, approval process, attendance management, etc., which can help enterprises improve work efficiency and management level. However, for some enterprises, the functions of WeChat Work may not fully meet their specific needs and business scenarios. At this time, secondary development has become a necessary choice. 1. Why do we need secondary development? 1. Meet customized needs…

  • Why WeChat public account needs to be developed

    The development of the WeChat official account is an application development based on the WeChat platform. It has a series of functions and advantages, and can meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses and organizations. The following are the reasons why the WeChat official account needs to be developed. 1. Brand promotion and publicity: WeChat is currently one of the largest social media platforms in China, with a huge user base. Through the development of WeChat official account, individuals, enterprises and organizations can use the user base of WeChat platform…