I want to develop a Taobao APP, how to choose a server?

I want to develop a Taobao APP, how to choose a server?

How long does it take to develop Taobao APP? Which Taobao APP development company should I choose? Many people may not have heard of Taobao APP. It is a software like Taobao. Just install it on your mobile phone. The products in the APP all have high commissions. After being authorized by Taobao, if you are a buyer, you can directly receive coupons to purchase. If you are a Taobao client, you can put products on the shelves. Therefore, many friends have begun to choose to engage in Taoke selling and promotion. Friends who have knowledge of APP development know that in addition to the framework language itself, the choice of server is also very important in the development process of an APP.

I want to develop a Taobao APP, how to choose a server?
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So how to choose a server for Taoke APP development?

1. Depending on the scale: For example, for a newly developed APP, if the number of user visits in the early stage is relatively small, you can choose a cloud server with a general configuration, which can basically meet the system operation requirements. If it is a large-scale or daily generated When the amount of data is large, you need to choose a server with higher configuration and bandwidth.

2. Choose the computer room line according to the user distribution area. Apps like Taobao APP need to be oriented to users from all over the country, so in terms of server lines, it is recommended to use multi-line or BGP lines.

3. Qualification and formality of the service provider: The suggestion here is to choose a qualified and formal service provider. First, the after-sales service is guaranteed. In addition, the company has staff specifically responsible for docking, so there is no need to worry about any problems. No one could be contacted, and in some cases the server was not notified when it expired, causing the software machine to stop running and all data to be lost, resulting in heavy losses.

What are the advantages of Taobao APP development?

1. Shopping experience: Integrate Taobao’s official Ant Baichuan SDK to simplify the user’s shopping process. Taobao shopping cart and orders are all your mini-programs.

2. Gather users: A tour guide that can minimize users’ stay and content marketing costs, and provide a good experience, such as free content push functions.

3. Independent and stable: Do not rely on any third party, customize marketing rules according to your ideas, and better maintain your own user data.

4. Strong scalability: Mini programs have the characteristics of strong scalability, which helps mini program executors to quickly develop other functions. Just repeat the version to bring new experiences to members.

5. Quickly attract fans: Adopt the Peanut Diary agency commission model operating model, so that your mini program can save users money and money.

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