Fashion consultant APP development solution

In the current social context, the clothing market has transformed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. The consultative marketing model that focuses on customer needs and provides personalized professional guidance is in line with the marketing characteristics of the current clothing market. The rapid development of society makes people pay attention to their own clothing, which provides convenience to people’s lives, and the development of fashion consultant APP was born.

Fashion consultant APP development solution
Fashion consultant

Fashion consultant APP development solution

1. Clothing matching information push: Relevant clothing matching information content will be pushed to users in a timely manner, allowing users to use fragmented time for online preview.

2. Make an appointment with a fashion consultant online: You can make an appointment online through the fashion consultant APP software, and choose a professional fashion consultant to change your dressing style.

3. Online communication: In the process of consulting fashion consultants, users can fully express their favorite styles. The fashion consultants will develop appropriate solutions based on the user’s needs and style details, giving users a good experience.

4. User online community: APP can also create a user community, where users can fully share their clothing experience, raise certain questions online, and promote social interaction among users.

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