How can offline physical stores in the catering industry build catering live streaming apps?

How to make a live streaming app for a physical catering and food store?

With the popularity of short videos, the traditional offline catering industry has also ushered in the “wind direction” indicator of new online live broadcast operations. Merchants can fully rely on the development of live catering apps to provide customers with a new operating model of food short videos + food live broadcasts. , thus expanding new customer acquisition channels for offline catering stores and reducing the cost of promotion and marketing. It can also effectively improve the sales efficiency of offline stores. So how can offline physical stores in the catering industry build live streaming apps?

How can offline physical stores in the catering industry build catering live streaming apps?
Catering Live APP

1. Create a food live broadcast: For catering offline physical stores, they are often unable to obtain online revenue due to the lack of customer traffic in the online market. Therefore, catering merchants can use the live broadcast function of the live broadcast app to create a food live broadcast display in the store. The unique dishes and catering environment attract online users to enter offline catering stores for consumption, doubling the sales of offline catering stores.

2. Food making teaching: Catering merchants can also use the video function in the app to upload food making teaching videos every day, allowing users to enter the catering live streaming app to not only watch food but also learn how to make food, thereby improving User stickiness achieves the purpose of attracting users, allowing catering merchants to build their own private domain traffic, laying a user base for subsequent promotion and marketing activities.

3. Obtain traffic cooperation: Catering merchants can also obtain traffic cooperation through the food video live broadcast operating model, which can not only attract target customer groups and bring accurate offline store conversion benefits, but also increase with the number of fans. The accumulation has created huge user traffic for merchants, and they can also cooperate with advertisers or other catering merchants to create a mutually beneficial and win-win operating model.

4. Increase store sales: By promoting the store through live broadcast, more people will know and understand this place, and then more people will come to eat here. In this way, the overall sales of the store will be increased through live broadcast.

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