What is the commercial value of WeChat mini programs?

What is the value of mini programs?

The English name of Wechat Mini Program is Wechat Mini Program. It is an application that does not require downloading and installation. It realizes the dream of “within reach” of users. Scan or search to open the app.
After the application is fully open, developers who are enterprises, governments, media, other organizations or individuals can apply to register mini programs. WeChat mini programs, WeChat subscription accounts, WeChat service accounts, and WeChat enterprise accounts are parallel systems.

As a lightweight application, WeChat applet is likely to be the main form of mobile Internet applications in the future. It is characterized by being small, fast, and ready to use. Today let’s talk about the commercial value of WeChat mini programs

WeChat applet C-end user perspective

For users, mini programs touch places that PC web pages, public accounts, H5, and APPs cannot reach, and help users solve some usage problems. For example, when users have “embarrassing” situations such as lack of time, insufficient mobile phone memory, or not wanting to download an APP, small programs can play their role. In summary, there are three points:

What is the value of mini programs?

1. Users only need low-frequency services

Mini programs lower the threshold for using low-frequency service applications. Users can open the mini program when they need to use it and close it when they are done using it. It will not occupy the phone’s memory all the time. This use-and-go feature just meets the needs of users when using low-frequency service applications. For example, when you want to buy a ticket, open the mini program, close it after buying the ticket, and then open it again when you need to use it, providing users with a fast and convenient experience.

2. Use offline services

The offline value of mini programs is the most worthy of attention, because users’ needs for offline consumption are “fast” and “flexible”. For example, when ordering food at a restaurant, you only need to scan the QR code to access the mini program, and you can complete the order immediately. There is no need to download the APP, follow the official account, or queue up to wait for the waiter in the restaurant. At the same time, the loading speed is faster than H5. It is fast and the payment method is more convenient than H5. It can be said to be the most convenient method for users.

3. Meet personalized needs in special scenarios

Users’ personalized application needs may only arise at the moment. Downloading apps to meet short-term needs often makes users feel tired. Moreover, competition among various video playback platforms is fierce, and the copyright of a film or TV show is usually bought out by a certain playback platform. As a result, users cannot watch all the blockbusters they want to watch on the same platform, and have to download different players in order to do so. meet needs. However, if you use the mini program to watch, you can switch perfectly without having to download a bunch of video players on your phone.

WeChat mini program offline B-side user perspective

For offline B-end users, a large part of the value of WeChat mini programs comes from WeChat. WeChat accurately directs huge customers to offline B-end users. At the same time, offline B-end users can obtain customer consumption preferences and other data. .

Currently, customers can view mini programs in WeChat’s “Nearby Mini Programs”, so that customers can view nearby mini programs more quickly and attract traffic to offline B-end users. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for some people to think that most of the value of mini programs is hidden “offline”. In the future, mini programs will open up more scenarios and reduce the development cost and threshold for access.

WeChat Mini Program Promotion
WeChat Mini Program Promotion

Combining the above two points, @小programoperationthinking believes that the more valuable small programs include the following types:

1. O2O service applet

With the promotion of digital economy, the entire industry is transforming in the direction of “Internet +”. For traditional industries, transformation is inevitable. Take the automotive industry as an example. If this industry wants to increase online service channels, it must build its own platform. If you develop an APP, the cost is high, which is not the best choice for the automotive industry with its own high operating costs. The “Smart Car” version of the mini program developed by Geek Mini Program has services such as model display, one-click appointment for test drive, multi-store management, multi-brand unified management, etc. It can help the automotive industry build an online system that integrates display and management. Complete online transformation and upgrade.

2. Official account + mini program

For self-media, the gameplay of mini programs is far beyond our imagination. First of all, there are more ways to monetize public accounts. In addition to pre-roll ads, it is also possible to use mini programs to pay for content. Using small programs instead of H5 for marketing promotion is also a more feasible model. What is most worth looking forward to is the use of official accounts + mini programs for e-commerce. Based on the content attributes of WeChat official accounts, merchants can establish lasting connections with users through WeChat official accounts, and accumulate and retain users of the merchants. There are four ways for public accounts to jump to mini programs: public account introduction page, custom menu bar, graphic and text display in articles, and template messages. Merchants can guide users to jump to the merchant’s mini-program store in daily image and text push to stimulate users’ secondary consumption and increase the user’s repurchase rate.

3. Tool applets

The most suitable scenarios for tool-type mini programs should be “rigid needs” and “low frequency”. When the user has not installed the APP and does not want to install the APP, but wants to experience online booking, does not want to queue up, and does not want to pay cash, tool-type mini programs can bring out its maximum value.

4. Life service mini programs

Although life service mini programs are very similar to tool programs, life service mini programs have richer application scenarios and are used more frequently than tool programs.

The most important feature is “timely”. When users want to know today’s weather, the traffic conditions at this moment, and when the next bus will arrive, they will have a desire to open a mini program.

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