Why should WeChat mini programs be developed? What help and benefits can WeChat mini programs bring to enterprises?

What can companies get from WeChat mini programs?

The development of WeChat mini programs has the advantage of being able to scan the code and go, use it and open it, which has subtly changed the operating habits of WeChat users, thereby strengthening user habits, thereby transforming them into mini program users and laying a solid user base.

Today we will talk about why we should develop WeChat mini programs. What help and benefits can WeChat mini programs bring to enterprises?

WeChat mini program development has sufficient traffic – WeChat ecosystem support

WeChat mini programs rely on WeChat, a huge traffic pool, to obtain user traffic. This allows companies to quickly obtain high-quality, low-cost user traffic, which not only increases corporate exposure, but also promotes the spread of corporate products and brands.

In order to enhance the commercial value of mini programs, Tencent has opened 60+ traffic entrances for them to divert traffic in all directions and replenish the private traffic pool.

WeChat Mini Program Development
WeChat Mini Program Development

Low-cost development of WeChat mini programs

The registration and development of mini programs does not require too many complicated operations. It does not need to consider the compatibility of the platform. The online release only needs to be reviewed within Tencent. The development difficulty is moderate, and the cost of APP development is much lower than that of APP development.

WeChat applet name uniqueness

The name of the WeChat mini program is unique and cannot overlap with an existing subscription account or service account. If the company’s organizational name, trademark, etc. are infringed, you can initiate a complaint through the platform to retrieve the right to use the name. Each company account is allowed to register up to 50 mini programs. And the earlier you register, the higher your search ranking will be, and the more exposure opportunities your company will have.

Summary: The development of WeChat mini programs is in line with the development trend of the times. Its concept is lightweight and minimalist. The future will be an era of lightweight products, and people will become more and more aware of product forms. The simpler, lightweight applications will replace heavy applications, this is the trend of the times

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