The difference between Guangzhou WeChat mini program development and IoT mini program development

Original title: The difference between Guangzhou WeChat applet development and IoT applet development

The rapid development of WeChat mini programs and IoT mini programs in Guangzhou has provided more convenience to many large and small enterprises in Guangzhou. WeChat mini programs and IoT mini programs are actually equivalent to the company’s own things, and companies spend money to develop them. Then upload products and services, operate and maintain them, develop them once and use them many times, and there is no need to download and install them. The customer flow obtained from WeChat mini programs and IoT mini programs does not need to pay high commissions, which is great for local merchant services. It is said to be a great benefit.

The following is a detailed explanation of the difference between Guangzhou WeChat applet development and IoT applet development

The difference between Guangzhou WeChat applet development and IoT applet development

1. Advantages of WeChat Mini Program Development

1. WeChat mini program is better than APP

Before the WeChat mini program was launched, there were dedicated APP clients, but the APP needed to be downloaded, which would occupy memory and affect the operation of the mobile phone. Compared with APP, WeChat applet does not require installation or downloading, the interface is almost the same as APP, it does not occupy memory and does not consume download traffic, and has higher user acceptance. WeChat applet can be added directly to the desktop, and the display form is exactly the same as that of the APP software.

2. WeChat mini programs are better than micro malls

Micro-malls have also had great successes during their development, but micro-malls require e-commerce companies to develop them themselves or access micro-malls from third-party platforms, which results in greater management limitations and difficulty in customization. The difference between WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Malls is that Mini Programs are exclusive to the merchants themselves and can be embedded on the company’s own WeChat public platform with the technical support of numerous information. In addition to logging in to WeChat official and backend, there is no need to log in to other platforms. Third-party platform.

3. WeChat mini programs are better than official accounts

You must be familiar with WeChat official accounts. Before the WeChat mini program was launched, the search results of WeChat official accounts were displayed first. But now Tencent is preparing to display the WeChat mini program as an independent page in the WeChat interface. The search results It has also become a priority for WeChat mini programs, then public accounts, then Moments, and then articles.

2. Which IoT app development company is best

The difference between Guangzhou WeChat applet development and IoT applet development

1. IoT applet development case study

If an Internet of Things small program development company does not even have a single software development case, it is either a newly established company or the company has just started doing this business. No matter which one it is, it means that the company has insufficient project experience and is very weak. It is difficult to evaluate, and cooperation is likely to be a guinea pig.

2. Negatives of IoT applet development companies

Internet of Things applet development company Baidu searches for developers to see if there is any negative news. If keywords appear in Baidu searches such as: liar, deceitful and other related words or negative news appears directly in the search results, then this company should choose carefully.

3. Development of IoT mini-programs to expand marketing channels

I believe that most enterprise IoT app development hopes to enrich the enterprise’s marketing and promotion channels, because rich marketing and promotion channels can bring more traffic to the enterprise, thereby bringing more revenue. For enterprises, having their own IoT mini program is equivalent to having an additional marketing and promotion channel, and it is also a marketing and promotion channel with traffic.

In summary. Nowadays, many businesses in Guangzhou are developing WeChat mini programs and IoT mini programs. In fact, the main purpose is to obtain more customers and passenger traffic. Many companies now worry about one issue when carrying out marketing and promotion work, which is to develop Which is better, WeChat mini program or Internet of Things mini program, because this problem is about user traffic. Through the above aspects, you can know very well whether it is better for an enterprise to develop WeChat applets or IoT applets. Return to Sohu to see more


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