How should enterprises combine WeChat mini programs with WeChat official accounts?

Whether it is offline physical stores or the e-commerce industry, more and more merchants have begun to use WeChat mini programs. Mini programs have become a new platform for selling goods. Especially now, merchants do not need to know any coding technology. With the help of Deyoudian, you can easily create mini programs online and build your own mini program store at low cost. In fact, many companies had their own WeChat official accounts before this.

How should enterprises combine WeChat mini programs with WeChat official accounts?
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How should enterprises combine WeChat mini programs with WeChat official accounts

1. After merchants create mini programs associated with official accounts through Deyoudian, the enterprise can log in to the official account backend (if the enterprise does not have its own WeChat official account, it must register first), select mini program management, add associated mini programs, and scan You can associate it after the code is authorized.

At present, Tencent stipulates that there is a limit on the number of associations between mini programs and public accounts. Theoretically, there are 13 more, 3 for the same entity, and 10 for different entities. A mini program can only be associated with up to 3 official accounts.

2. Official account details introduction page After the mini program is associated with the official account, everyone will see the “related mini program” through the official account details page, and click to enter it.

3. Jump to the mini program in the official account menu bar, log in to the official account backend, create a new menu in the custom menu, and then select Jump to the mini program, select the mini program, and complete. Users can directly access the mini program by clicking on the relevant menu.

4. Public account template message push

Template messages can be pushed to users through service accounts, but subscription accounts are not supported yet. There are many types of template messages, such as order messages to customers, discount information, payment messages, shipping messages, etc. There is no limit to the number of times you can send. Through template messages, users can enter the mini program.

5. Template message associated with the official account When the official account is associated with the mini program, a template message of “association notification” can be sent to the user to remind the user to click to view, thereby attracting traffic.

6. In the official account article, you can open the mini program associated with the official account through three methods: text, pictures, and mini program cards. On the WeChat public account editing page, just insert the mini program on the right side.

7. Advertisements at the bottom of the official account. In the advertising column at the bottom of the official account, you can place small programs, but you need to pay a fee. Supports bidding purchases and charges based on CPC.

WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Official Accounts are used in combination, and the two can complement each other. Merchants can use Mini Programs to attract new customers, and WeChat Official Accounts to retain and accumulate their own private customers.

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