• WeChat applet application registration: application registration process, registration entrance introduction

    WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading. It is also an innovation. After nearly two years of development, a new WeChat Mini Program development environment and developer ecosystem have been constructed. WeChat Mini Program has also been an innovative achievement in China’s IT industry over the years that can really impact ordinary programmers. More than 1.5 million developers have joined the development of WeChat Mini Program, and we will work together to promote the development of WeChat Mini Program. develop The number of WeChat Mini…

  • Website registration: domain name and server do not need to be in the same service provider

    Many customers have a question when building websites: I bought my domain name a long time ago from Wanwang, but now I want to buy a Tencent Cloud server. Can I register it? Such problems not only arise when communicating face-to-face with customers. Recently, in the website statistics, it was found that many netizens are also searching for similar problems. It is necessary to share it with everyone here. If the domain name and server space are not in the same service provider, access registration can be carried out. The…

  • How to register and develop WeChat applets

    WeChat applet is a small application program that can be used in WeChat. It has the characteristics of lightness, speed and convenience, so it has attracted extensive attention from users and developers. This article will introduce the registration and development process of the WeChat Mini Program in detail. 1. Registration of WeChat Mini Program 1. Preparatory work: First, you need to have an account and password for a WeChat official account. If not, you can register a WeChat official account first. 2. Log in to the registration page: In the…