• Shanghai Micro Official Website Development Company: What should we pay attention to when designing and developing an enterprise micro website?

    Many companies and brands have developed microsites and microofficial websites. Responsive website development has been favored by companies and brands in recent years and is commonly used in the development and production of microofficial websites. The design and development of pages should be based on user behavior and device environment ( System platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.) to respond and adjust accordingly. One website can handle the three terminals of PC/mobile phone/tablet, and can be used as both an enterprise official website and an enterprise micro-official website. The professional…

  • What is a micro official website? How to develop a micro-official website?

    Everyone should have heard of PC websites and mobile websites, so what is a micro-official website? How to develop a micro-official website? The micro official website is a cross-platform marketing website that is effectively compatible with major operating systems such as iOS, android, and WP, ​​and can be easily linked to applications such as WeChat and Weibo. WeChat is actually equivalent to a browser. As long as the H5 mobile page is designed and produced, it can be accessed directly through WeChat. The micro-official website brings a new light marketing…

  • The development of distribution mini-programs helps these industries develop rapidly

    What industries are distribution app development suitable for? Distribution mini-programs are used by more and more companies. I believe many people know the benefits of distribution. It can improve operational efficiency, enhance core competitiveness, and increase channels. Therefore, many people want to invest in the development of distribution mini-programs. So which industries are distribution app development suitable for? In traditional e-commerce, the general e-commerce industry is that users place orders and then merchants deliver the goods. If you develop a distribution applet, you can allow users to actively share, and…