• What are the main functions of personalized fitness APP development?

    The demand for fitness is increasing, and although gyms are gradually increasing, fitness is subject to certain restrictions. The first is the time limit. Gyms have their own business hours, and fitness business hours are also users’ normal working hours. Except for weekends, most people don’t have extra time to go to the gym; Secondly, there is a certain distance between the gym and the user’s residence, and it takes a lot of time to go back and forth. Many people give up fitness because of the distance; In addition,…

  • What are the main functions required for fitness venues to promote WeChat mini programs to acquire customers?

    How do fitness venues use mini programs to promote customers to the gym? A common way for us to gain customers is to distribute flyers on the streets. This way of promoting the number of flyers is not high. So how can you use mini programs to help fitness venues promote and acquire customers? Nowadays, the national fitness awareness has become higher and higher, and small programs are more of a customer acquisition method for displaying demand and promoting marketing. What are the main functions needed for fitness venue mini-program…