• How about developing a small program to sell tea?

    In the existing traditional tea market, we are faced with a very serious problem, that is, the “price war”. However, tea of ​​similar quality can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan from other sellers. There is a lot of sales knowledge involved. , so what about developing a small program to sell tea? Let’s take a look at the editor’s analysis and answers below. 1. Increase digital management: After the 14th Five-Year Plan, China’s existing economic market is basically facing the “chapter” of promoting digital management, and mini…

  • Shared Management System-What are the specific advantages of shared tea space?

    Compared with traditional tea rooms, what are the specific advantages of shared tea spaces? First of all, we need to understand what problems exist with traditional tea now. Traditional tea shops first need more than two full-time tea masters, and the products also need to be perfect. Therefore, the pure pressure is relatively high, and the operating time is also limited. In terms of decoration and asset investment, it is also relatively large, and it is basically asset-heavy. Invest. My Shared Tea Room is based on the combination of the…

  • Shared Management System-What is a shared tea room?

    Shared tea rooms will already provide people with shared spaces in first- and second-tier cities in 2022. Many shared tea rooms have been quietly put into operation, but some people still don’t know what a shared tea room is, so let me explain it to you next. Shared tearooms are a combination of Internet technology and smart devices. That is, they are equipped with intelligent autonomous systems based on traditional stores. Customers can make reservations through public accounts and mini programs, thereby intelligently starting appliances and access control through mobile…

  • Sharing Management System-Why are shared tea rooms so popular among consumers?

    If changes in consumer demand have created market opportunities for shared tea rooms, then smart technology has enabled it to reduce labor costs and the threshold for opening a store. The prototype of the shared tea room in 2016 was a relatively failed example. Today we will talk about why the shared tea room still exists and develops rapidly. In fact, it is because the shared tea room has made more rational changes in technology. Now when consumers go to a shared teahouse, they only need to reserve a private…