How can the education and training industry create a new brand through mini programs?

How can the education and training industry create a new brand through mini programs?

After more than a year of development, WeChat Mini Programs have provided diversified profit models in e-commerce applications, social games, education and training, content payment, development services, etc., while also providing effective impetus for the rapid development of Mini Programs.

As the education industry rapidly develops towards online services, mini-programs have become a convenient choice for many training institutions to attend classes and study anytime and anywhere. Based on WeChat social networking, it can help improve the stickiness of communication between students and students, students and teachers, and provide more retained users for the platform.

How can the education and training industry create a new brand through mini programs?
WeChat Mini Program

The WeChat mini program is an important tool that can effectively solve the current heavy workload of offline services for education and training institutions. It can launch available application functions for everyone from the following multiple perspectives:

1. Corporate culture display platform: Through the education and training mini program, it brings a good corporate culture display platform to education and training institutions, which can better showcase our teaching staff, teaching style and existing service courses, and experience effective promotion. Close to the user.

2. Course Center: Upload online courses and related text content instructions in a timely manner, and notify users as soon as possible.

3. Student Center: Students can directly view existing courses through the internal student center of the WeChat applet, and keep abreast of class-related information and historical class materials to facilitate review and improvement.

4. Smart class reservation: Students can make class reservations through the online mini program, reducing the cumbersome interaction process.

5. Online customer service: Online customer service can promptly resolve complaints from online students about course purchase and course-related issues, improve user service experience, and increase user retention and promotion success rates!

6. Payment function: Online purchase of courses and related course renewal content can be realized through WeChat mini programs, and course marketing and sales can be achieved through large discounts and user flash sales.

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