• What are the two attributes of blockchain technology?

    What are the two attributes of blockchain technology Since the birth of blockchain to the present, the application fields based on blockchain technology have also continued to increase. The popularization of blockchain makes it no longer limited to the professional field, but more open to the public, and it also brings a lot of help. Now let’s talk about two unique properties of blockchain. 1. Public chain – open to anyone, anyone can participate 1. The public chain can be read by all participating nodes and experience the entire process…

  • Blockchain: Core features of blockchain and classification of chains

    Compared with traditional networks, the core features of blockchain are decentralization and security. Blockchain is a chain composed of blocks connected together. Each block stores certain information and is connected in the order of the time of their respective generation. Each block contains the Hash value of the previous block to ensure the accuracy of the connection. The entire chain is stored in all nodes, and the servers in the system provide storage space and computing power support for the entire blockchain system. And any network node on the blockchain…

  • What is a public blockchain? What functions and effects does it have?

    Blockchain can be divided into public chain, private chain and alliance chain according to the degree of decentralization. Public Blockchain, also known as “public chain”, refers to the consensus blockchain technology that everyone in the world can load, push transactions and obtain reasonable certainty. The public chain is completely blockchain technology. All data on the chain are fair and reasonable and cannot be changed. Anyone can load and write data through transactions, etc., and is suitable for virtual currency, Internet finance and other fields. Basic functions of the public chain:…

  • Blockchain can be divided into three types according to the degree of publicity and whether there is an access system.

    Is blockchain open and transparent? Blockchain is certainly open and transparent, but blockchain also has its limitations. At present, the entry threshold for each node is getting higher and higher, and it is difficult for individual users to become nodes. The number of global nodes in popular blockchains may be tens of thousands or even thousands, but most nodes remain in the hands of large investors. , the real voice of the masses is relatively small. We must wait for further technological advancements and revolutionary breakthroughs in fields such as…

  • The development trend of blockchain WEB3.0

    WEB 3.0 is the next Internet era. We missed the PC Internet era and passed by the mobile Internet. Now is the best time to lay out WEB 3.0. So, how do ordinary people enter the market early and get the first pot of gold? After all, WEB 3.0 has entry barriers. Today we will talk about the basics of the basics, including basic knowledge about public chains, blockchains, and Bitcoin. This is the first step for us to swim in WEB 3.0. What ispublic chain and private chain? Public…

  • Main application areas of blockchain technology (2)

    The main application scope of blockchain includes: digital currency, transaction settlement of financial assets, digital government affairs, supply chain field, automobile industry, public service field, information security field, anti-counterfeiting data service of deposit certificate and other fields. The last article mainly talked about the application of blockchain technology in finance, Internet of Things and other fields. This article continues to talk about the application of blockchain technology in other fields: 1. Supply chain field The supply chain is composed of many participants, there is a lot of interaction and collaboration,…

  • The essential characteristics of the blockchain provide a perfect solution for copyright protection

    Blockchain is essentially a distributed storage system. Because it adopts a transaction bookkeeping storage model, it can also be called a distributed bookkeeping system. 1. Distributed collaborationThe blockchain requires all or part of the designated nodes in the chain to cooperate to confirm transactions and jointly maintain the blockchain network. The signature technology based on asymmetric encryption ensures that all transactions and certifications on the chain can be traced back to achieve reliable distributed collaboration of data.2. Difficult to tamper withBecause of the special chain data structure of the blockchain…

  • Introduction to common NFT projects and platforms

    Recently, I heard some friends talking about how NFT technology will subvert the field of art collection, and then I asked them how to subvert it, but no one could explain clearly. I can’t help but ask those friends, when a thing that you don’t even want to understand, just follow others’ advice to subvert this and subvert that, in the end it’s a waste of your own time in these slogans and reduces the space for your own independent thinking. The following are some of our common someNFT project…

  • Basic knowledge of blockchain public chain

    The blockchain public chain refers to a blockchain that everyone can load, everyone can push transactions and the transaction can be reasonably confirmed, and everyone can participate in the whole process of consensusTechnology. The public chain adopts methods such as the proof of labor system (POW), the proof of interest system (POS), and the equity authorization proof system (DPOS), and integrates economic development rewards and data Encrypted data authentication merges and establishes a standard that the economic development rewards that everyone can obtain from this are positively related to the…