The three biggest impacts of mini programs

Because mini programs are hidden in WeChat, there are 1.1 billion user groups that developers can directly own services. As long as developers can successfully operate mini programs, they can create good market competitiveness. We can own mini programs independently. In terms of advantages, Tencent prefers to focus on building WeChat into a “closed ecosystem” online business environment, which has a great impact on traditional online e-commerce or companies that only do online business. So what are the three biggest impacts of mini programs?

The three biggest impacts of mini programs
Mini program development

Let me analyze it below.

1. Offline retail services: The traditional offline retail operating model is basically easily robbed of its “resources” by online companies and merchants and unable to gain market competitiveness. However, currently offline supermarkets, convenience stores, stores or restaurants These features are characterized by large user flows and multiple payment scenarios. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for small programs to improve and allow small programs to serve as the “connection point” between online and offline. This operating model must be basically basic in a few years. The retail industry will enter a new development model to make profits.

2. O2O life services: Online renting, food ordering, public transportation inquiry and other life service applications have basically been familiar to users by using WeChat mini programs. For example, when users order food, they must first When downloading an app to order food, now you only need to log in to the mini program to achieve it. It has many benefits and conveniences for both merchants and users.

3. Low-frequency service scenarios: Before there were mini programs, most users almost relied on apps to use some low-frequency service scenarios. However, for users, they had to download and register before they could use it, which can be said to be very Trouble, and the “light application” concept of mini programs can just make up for the low-frequency service scenarios limited by apps. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the future development direction of mini programs will also be towards “low-frequency service scenarios”.

In addition, the mini program platform is also particularly suitable for “social e-commerce” because the social relationships of WeChat users can be more easily captured by mini program merchants. When combined with mini programs, it effectively enhances social interaction. The conversion rate brought about by the attribute.

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