When outsourcing APP software development, you must pay attention to the following situations:

APP software development outsourcing, when looking for an APP development company, you must pay attention to the following situations. Only by avoiding these pitfalls reasonably can you complete an excellent project in the shortest time, not to mention that all your efforts will not be in vain.

I hope the following project experiences can help you.

When outsourcing APP software development, you must pay attention to the following situations:
APP development

1. Clarify functional requirements

When Party A’s father is preparing to make an APP, he should have a clear positioning of what he will do or is preparing to do. For example, clarify the target users of the project, market positioning, user portraits, etc., as well as a series of issues such as whether market research has been conducted and whether the results of the research have been analyzed.

If you have done all this work and written a complete requirements document, and there will be no temporary changes in the future, you can find an outsourcing company. This is very important. Clear functional requirements can prevent duplication of work or unnecessary expenses due to changes in some functional requirements in subsequent work.

2. Strengthen communication

After the functional requirements are determined, it is time to design the UI interface. At this time, Party B starts the interface design of the APP based on the requirements and prototype draft given by Party A. At this time, both parties need to communicate in a timely manner. Efficient communication is necessary for both parties. Only through constant communication can the other party understand what they want and put forward some professional suggestions on interface design (some Party A’s father’s needs are really hard to figure out) . Communication also plays an important role when it comes to code development.

3. Be careful of being cheated

There are many outsourcing companies on the market today. Some outsourcing companies may not have development capabilities, but they promote them with great fanfare. In this way, when a company without development capabilities receives a project, it can only complete the project through subcontracting. This will not only cause a delay in the development progress, but may even cause the developed product to not meet the original requirements. Therefore, when signing a contract with a third-party company, be sure to indicate the words “Subcontracting is strictly prohibited” in the contract, as well as the corresponding consequences.

4. Cost budget

If a third party tells you how much it costs to develop an APP before you ask for it, it is definitely a lie, because the cost of APP development is related to its own needs and complexity. The cost of developing an APP with single requirements and simple logic is definitely much cheaper than one with complex requirements and complex logic. Therefore, the cost of APP development is related to various factors. Those individuals or companies that tell you how much it will cost you and will definitely help you solve it are definitely unreliable.

5. Post-maintenance

Under normal circumstances, a free maintenance trial period will be provided after a project is developed. Different companies provide different free trial periods. After the trial period has passed, a certain maintenance fee will generally be charged based on a percentage of the total project amount. If someone says that there will be no corresponding services after the project is delivered, you should pay attention at this time, because although some tests will be carried out after an APP is developed, there will still be some emergencies. If there are no technical personnel, Support, this BUG may cause considerable losses to the entire enterprise, or even cause the APP project development to fail.

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