• What should I do if I want to replace the main image with a low click-through rate?

    With the same display volume, the traffic of some main images will reach 10%, but the traffic of some main images is only 1%. It is conceivable that the influence of the main image on SEO optimized traffic can directly determine the success or failure of a product. What should I do if the main image of the merchant with a low click-through rate is replaced? 1. When there is no preferred theme (meaning when you don’t know which one is good) At this time, do not change the main…

  • The characteristics and precautions that merchants need to have when designing the main image

    We must understand that small data cannot support the big picture, and it has no practical significance. If you ask 10 people to evaluate the same product, you won’t get high-reference data from 1,000 people. Similarly, mapping also needs data worthy of reference. So, what characteristics must everyone have when designing the main image ? Take precautions before they happen, and do a good job of the master map in one step: 1. The design style should be unified Because the main picture of Taobao baby is extremely important for…