Shanghai APP development – How many people are needed to customize the basic team structure of APP development?

With the continuous deepening of mobile Internet development, governments and companies have begun to customize and develop APPs according to their own situations. In the process of APP development and customization, if companies set up the entire R&D What is the minimum number of people needed for a team? How much does it cost to develop? Let’s take a look at the specific situation.

Shanghai APP development - How many people are needed to customize the basic team structure of APP development?
APP development

How many people are needed to develop a customized basic team structure for APP development?

1. Product Manager

APP development and customization requires not only technical R&D personnel, but also a person who can analyze customer needs, and such a person is a product manager. The role of the product manager is to understand and analyze the customer’s functional needs, then summarize these needs into a document that can be developed, then design a relatively simple product prototype, and hand over the product prototype and functional modules to the UI design engineers and programmers to start the next work.

2. UI designer

The UI designer is responsible for the product and interaction design in the APP development and customization process. The APP design drawing is prepared based on the customer demand prototype summarized by the product manager, and then sliced ​​and processed.

3. Front-end developer

APP front-end development can be divided into two types of client development, Android and IOS. Some can also develop HTML5 pages, but the main development is Android and IOS clients. By.

4. Backend program developer

Backend program development mainly involves writing some algorithm programs in APP functions to realize the functions that APP should have. Generally, PHP language is used for development. After the development is completed, the data is connected with the front-end Android or IOS, so that all functional operations of the APP can be realized.

5. Software tester

Software testers are equivalent to quality inspectors for APP development and customization. After APP developers write functions, they submit them to testers to evaluate functions, performance, compatibility, etc. examine. Of course, companies can also organize internal employees to conduct collective testing.

According to the situation described above, APP development and customization requires at least 1 product manager, 1 UI designer, 1 Android and ios front-end developer, and 1 back-end program development 1 person and 1 tester. In total, at least 6 people are needed for app development.

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