How is the garbage classification WeChat applet used by users?

How is the garbage classification WeChat applet used by users?

In the past two years, the work of garbage classification is being accelerated and implemented. I still remember that the year before last, many netizens complained about the garbage recycling classification table released in Shanghai. After all, it is very troublesome for community residents to clear the garbage and need to understand the classification information. However, residents cannot be allowed to place garbage randomly, which will not only affect environmental sanitation but also occupy public space in the community. With the garbage classification WeChat applet, residents only need to sort the garbage in the applet. By making an appointment with a garbage classification company, you can easily solve the problem of garbage placement. This is the innovative change brought about by the Internet+ era. So how is the specific garbage classification WeChat applet used by users? Let me introduce it below.

How is the garbage classification WeChat applet used by users?
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1. Scan the QR code to make an appointment: Community residents only need to scan the QR code to enter the WeChat applet to correctly classify garbage. They can then make an appointment with the garbage collection company, and many developers will also set up a certain amount of garbage after the residents correctly classify it. Amount and point rewards, this does not mean that as long as the garbage is correctly classified, you will get money, but developers can also integrate public welfare services around the community in the garbage classification applet, so that more residents can participate in public welfare services. Come.

2. Assist with classification: When users use the WeChat mini program, the garbage classification adopts the “Internet + model”, which allows community residents to correctly classify and recycle garbage according to the guidance in the mini program, and as long as the classification is correct, Points can be obtained, and when residents use the garbage classification applet to reach a certain point limit, they can redeem corresponding products. This is convenient and easy for residents, and for garbage classification companies, it is more conducive to improving residents’ “recycling stickiness”. Therefore, it is a mutually beneficial recycling garbage gold mining model.

Of course, in addition to the above convenient garbage collection process for community residents, for garbage recycling companies, the use of WeChat mini programs can make it more convenient to manage recycling orders. For example, when residents submit garbage collection orders, they will be communicated to the mini program management backend. , allowing managers to instantly understand order information and provide corresponding management data. They can also use the subscription message function to remind staff to come to collect garbage in time, thus effectively improving work efficiency.

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