• Shanghai Corporate Website Production Company: What is the role of a corporate website?

    The role of corporate website development is as a platform for companies to conduct online marketing and image promotion on the Internet. It is equivalent to the company’s online business card. It is not only a good publicity, but also assists the company’s sales. Enterprises can use corporate websites for publicity, product information release, recruitment, etc. We are a professional Shanghai corporate website production company. Today we will talk to you about the role of a corporate website? Corporate websites can enhance corporate image The corporate website is the business…

  • Enterprise press release

    Corporate news distribution can bring promotion and brand influence to the corporate brand. More and more companies attach great importance to news marketing. Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology has rich experience in publishing press releases and provides press releases Ghostwriting and press release publishing services for major portal websites Today, I will talk to you about how the company can promote the release of press releases, and send out corporate press releases on behalf of Enterprise press release generation: press release content planning The quality of content planning will affect the…