For optimization, what are the requirements when choosing a website domain name?

The quality of the website domain name is directly related to whether users can remember website, and give search engines a good experience . The choice of domain name is very important , how to choose a good website domain name?

For optimization, what are the requirements when choosing a website domain name?
Website domain name

So, for optimization, what are the specific requirements when choosing a domain name?

Choose a domain name that is conducive to SEO optimization

1. Do not include “-” in the domain name – it is inconvenient for users to input. Other domain names are fine, but it is best not to use Chinese as the domain name.

2. The domain name is the URL for visiting your own website in the future, and it should be easy to remember. shorter ones. It is best to double fight.

3. The Chinese pinyin of the enterprise name is used as the domain name, and the corresponding English name of the enterprise name is used as the domain name.

4. The domain name should be concise and easy to remember, and easy to input. It is best for people to remember it at a glance. It can be read clearly and will not cause spelling mistakes. Also, avoid homonyms. A domain name must have certain connotations and meanings.

5. Our domain name should echo the theme of the site as much as possible, which can better help visitors remember our site, and also help visitors to directly enter the domain name to visit.

6. Commonly used domain name suffixes will not have any impact on SEO, such as com, cn, net, etc.

But what we need to pay attention to is to choose some common domain name suffixes. If the domain name suffix is ​​too remote, it is easy for our visitors to have distrust of our site.

7. From Baidu’s official recommendations, we can know that the SEO principles for domain name selection are nothing more than: simple, authoritative, easy to remember?

Is the old domain name good for SEO

1. The term of the domain name

The earlier the domain name is registered, the better the ranking is, which is why buying old domain names is a common practice in the SEO industry.

2. The time when the domain name was included for the first time

In addition to the date of registration, the time when the domain name was first included by the search engine is also very important. Some old domain names have not been resolved after registration, so no content has been included. In fact, the age advantage is not as good as the content that was included very early. domain name.

3. History of buying and selling domain names

Has the domain name ever changed hands after registration? What content was included on the Internet before, and is it associated with sensitive content. These have a great impact on future SEO optimization.

To sum up, a good domain name has a great impact on the successful establishment of an enterprise or personal network brand image, and also has a great impact on the SEO optimization of a website. Therefore, the domain name of the website must be taken into consideration when planning the website in the early stage.

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