SEO title optimization skills: How should the SEO webpage title be written?

The title of the webpage is the core of website SEO optimization. To write a good title, you need to analyze and layout the keywords reasonably. Title writing is very in-depth. If you master the title segmentation technology, your seo technology will also be improved.

Web Page Title
Web Page Title

How to write the title of SEO web page?

1. It is best to only put 1-2 keywords in the title of the website. You cannot put too many keywords in a title, just 1-2 keywords that you want to optimize.

2. The title should not exceed 25 Chinese characters and 50 English letters. If the title is too long, search engines will omit the second half, so the length of the title is limited.

3. The core keywords are ranked first. The form of search engine matching is that the higher the keyword ranking, the better, so the core keywords should be placed in the front position.

4. Do not add special symbols to the title. If you want to separate two words, you can use “,” “, “-“; but do not use special symbols such as “★●※→↑◆…”, which are not friendly to search engines.

5. The title should incorporate long-tail keywords. When designing the title, you should also add some long-tail keywords that users search for to attract users to click.

6. The title of each page should not be the same. Search engines with the same title will consider it to be a page, and then they will no longer give the page a good ranking.

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