How to make money by developing an APP?

How to make money by developing an APP?

With the arrival of 5G, everyone is very concerned about when 5G mobile phones will be popularized. Mobile phones are definitely inseparable from APPs. We usually have dozens of APPs installed on our mobile phones, but most of the APPs we use do not cost money. It costs money to purchase, and there are not many paid items during use. Then some people have to ask, what do these companies spend a lot of money to develop APPs to make money? Why do so many people want to develop APPs? In fact, developing APPs also needs to be divided into many categories. Different APPs, The profit points of different operating models are different. Here the editor mainly explains to you some common profit points of APP.

How to make money by developing an APP?
APP development

1. Profit through advertising: This is a relatively common way of making money. The developed APP does not charge any fees from users, but it can charge advertising fees from merchants. When the APP has enough traffic, you can find some merchants to place advertisements in the APP. Advertisements can be delivered through images, videos, soft articles, startup pages, etc.

2. Selling products: Most APPs will have a “mall shopping” section to sell their own products. If there is enough traffic, the revenue from selling products on the APP will also be very considerable. .

3. Merchant settlement fee: Many APPs do not make money by directly selling goods, but they can invite merchants and individuals to settle in. The goods or services they sell will be used as long as the transaction funds pass through the platform. You can take a small cut of the profits. In addition, these merchants and individuals can also charge certain entry fees and deposits when they settle in.

4. Membership activation fee: In some APPs, not all functions can be used for free. Developers will set up some functions to be used by members. After users purchase membership, they can use all functions of the platform.

5. Project Financing: This is a scene that many developers hope to see. Once the APP is built and the traffic is high, many investment companies will come to you. Financing will not only allow the company to go A developed expressway can still make money back.

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