What are the features and advantages of a mini program mall developed with source code?

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, WeChat mini programs are used more and more frequently and their scope of use is becoming wider and wider. Nowadays, more and more merchants are developing the source code of mini program malls. So what are the mini program malls developed by source code? What about the features and advantages?

What are the features and advantages of a mini program mall developed with source code?
WeChat Mini Program

1. High user experience

Because the mall applet developed by source code is made from the source code, during the production process, the applet development company does it from the perspective of user experience, so not only the page of the mall applet is very beautiful, but also the layout and typesetting They all look very comfortable, and users can quickly find the functions they need. However, the small programs created by templates are all the same, except for their names, which is of no use to users. Featured.

2. Functions can be customized and developed

Why is it that although it is clear that the quotation for source code development of mall mini-programs is very expensive, there are still so many investors choosing it? This is because the mall mini-programs developed from source code can have the functions that any investor wants, whether they are common mall mini-programs or not. Yes, mini program development companies can develop corresponding functions according to investors’ development descriptions. This cannot be accomplished by template mini programs, because the template itself is like that, and the mall mini program produced by applying it is like that. of.

3. Functions can be maintained and upgraded

The ownership of the mall mini-programs developed by the source code is in the hands of the investors. It is extremely convenient for investors to update and upgrade some of the key functions of the mall mini-programs or develop new functions in the future. Moreover, the source code of the mall mini-programs made from templates is in the In the hands of template developers, as long as the template mall applet is not updated and new functions are added, new functions cannot be added to the applet made by applying templates. This limitation is likely to cause investors to lose more business opportunities.

The functions of mini program mall source code development are more powerful. Merchants and enterprises can customize the development according to their own needs. The functions will be more distinctive, and the user experience will also be greatly improved.

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