• Features of real estate mini program development

    Original title: Functions of Property Mini Program Development Property management is closely related to each of our lives. Whether we rent a house or buy a house, we need to pay property fees every quarter, and property companies also provide users with a variety of services, whether it is a community or a house. Shops and office buildings are all property management companies. Now WeChat mini programs are developing very well. Many property companies are not sure whether this industry is suitable for mini programs. What are the functions of…

  • Online rental mini program development plan

    When people rent a house or apartment, they often do so through Internet platforms on the Internet. In the past, it was through classified information websites, but now it is basically through online rental mini-programs. The development of online rental app can integrate and display scattered housing information to facilitate people to rent a house. As an online rental tool, the Online Rental Mini Program will focus on finding, renting, and searching for a house to meet people’s functional needs for online renting. 1. Online rental mini program development plan…