• Shanghai Software Company Development: How many development languages ​​are there for the backend of the live broadcast system? How to choose?

    Developed by Chengdu Software Company: How many development languages ​​are there for the backend of the live broadcast system? How to choose? For customers who want to build a live broadcast system, in addition to understanding the price and functions of the live broadcast system APP, developing a live broadcast APP must also carefully consider the technical effects, what language is used in the development process, and what kind of development environment. These are all It helps customers to have a clearer understanding of the development situation of software companies,…

  • Why use php for WeChat development

    WeChat development is based on the WeChat public account platform, and the WeChat public account platform provides support for multiple development languages, including PHP, Java, Python, etc. However, why choose PHP for WeChat development? First of all, PHP is an open source and free scripting language with a wide range of applications and powerful functions. PHP can run on various operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc., and can also interact with various databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, etc. This makes PHP a very flexible and applicable…

  • Why does WeChat development use php?

    With the development of the mobile Internet, WeChat has become an indispensable social application in people’s daily life. More and more companies and individuals have begun to pay attention to the development of WeChat, which has also spawned more and more developers and The company specializes in WeChat development. In WeChat development, PHP has become the mainstream development language, so why does WeChat development use PHP? Let me explain in detail below. 1. The background of WeChat development WeChat is currently one of the most popular social software in China,…

  • How to develop WeChat in PHP

    WeChat development can be developed using PHP language. PHP is a popular server-side programming language, which can interact with the WeChat public platform to realize various functions of WeChat development. WeChat development involves the following aspects: official account setting, message processing, menu, material management, user management, third-party platform, etc. 1. Official account settings After creating an official account on the WeChat official platform, you need to configure the basic information of the official account in the developer center, including the official account’s AppID, AppSecret, Token, etc. During the development process,…