Mini program development: Is it difficult to create a mini program for a cake shop?

Original title: Mini program development: Is it difficult to create a mini program for a cake shop?

Snacks such as cakes and small desserts are attractive in appearance, sweet and delicious, and can capture the hearts of foodies. They are especially popular among young people. If a cake shop wants to get more customers and build a brand, it needs to develop online sales channels. Creating a cake shop applet is a good choice.

Mini program development: Is it difficult to make a mini program for a cake shop?

It is possible to open a cake shop using a mini program, provided that you have a business license and a food business license.

Because individuals cannot activate the WeChat payment function, customers cannot pay for the mini programs they create, and the mini programs they create are meaningless.

So you must have a business license. Secondly, if it involves food production, a food business license is required.

Mini program development: Is it difficult to make a mini program for a cake shop?

Mini programs can be divided into template mini programs and customized development. The differences between these two development methods are:

1. The cost of the template is relatively low, you can use it by directly applying the template

2. The cost of development is very high, and you need to wait until the program is developed from scratch to the functional requirements before it can be used.

The functions of a cake shop are roughly divided into three parts:

1. Display function: If you want users to understand your products and your level of making cakes, this display function is very necessary.

2. Delivery function: Cake shops generally deliver within the same city, so merchants need to contact the delivery platform and determine the delivery method.

3. Special marketing functions: Mini programs come with many marketing functions, such as group buying, flash sales, coupons, etc.

The cake shop’s mini program can not only provide product conversion rate, but also establish the brand’s image and attract more users to pay attention to the brand. While users understand the brand, they can learn more about our products on a deeper level, and then share the fission to bring more customers to the brand.

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