How can more people see the mini program after it is launched?

1. Nearby Mini Programs: In the background of the Mini Program, open “Nearby Mini Programs” and set the store location. The Mini Program will automatically be displayed to WeChat users within 5km of the surrounding area. All eligible Mini Programs can be found in the “Nearby Mini Programs” “Get free exposure.

2. Social sharing: It can be shared with friends, communities, circles of friends, etc., so that relatives and friends can spread it. It can guide fans to share, and then receive small gifts based on the shared screenshots, gradually guiding traffic to the mini program and promoting sales.

How can more people see the mini program after it is launched?
Mini program development

3. WeChat payment

(1) For user payment, on the payment success page, you can set a prompt to follow your official account.

(2) In the payment voucher page, the mini program can be recommended again to remind the user to make a second purchase.

(3). Get instant discounts for consumption sharing to quickly attract new users and attract users to enter the mini program to complete the conversion.

4. Mini programs associated with official accounts

(1). Follow the official account and automatically reply to guide you to enter the mini program.

(2) The custom menu bar of the public account is bound to the small town program, and fans can access it directly.

(3) Insert mini program cards into public account tweets and combine them with articles to achieve natural guidance.

5. Template message push

The template mini program is a push generated by the mini program within WeChat for each user. The content category can use it to prompt updates, the e-commerce category can use it to prompt promotions and unpaid payments, and the tool category can use it to prompt the completion of daily goals. Every push All are making users gradually become dependent on small programs.

6. Promotion of group buying and bargaining activities

Use the fission tools such as group buying and price bargaining provided by the mini program to plan marketing activities, share and spread among friends to form fission, quickly attract new fans, and easily acquire new customers.

7. Map or community garrison

For some small programs, local promotion may be a method that is closer to the user scenario, producing attractive promotional materials and setting up good guidance. Offline stores such as catering, flowers, beauty, and fitness have achieved outstanding results.

8. Drain traffic from fans on major platforms

You can create content, videos, etc. on the traffic platform to attract attention, and you can recruit an artist to do material design and operation promotion.

9. Mini program application store

Because there are many small program stores that are free to enter, payment means that if you want to enter the app store for recommendation, you may have to pay, which is the same as APP promotion.

10. Resource cooperation

You can cooperate with merchants who have common customers with your own business, and the business does not conflict. For example, if you are engaged in wedding planning, you can cooperate with merchants engaged in photography and diamond jewelry.

11. Promotion of new self-media content

You can use the appeal of certain fans to promote small programs, and put small programs on WeChat and other new media platforms through high-quality soft-text advertisements or hard advertisements. At present, many 100,000+ self-media have clear submission prices.

12. Mini program advertising

If you have the budget, you can consider opening advertisers and displaying scenarios customized by traffic owners. According to the characteristics of their respective mini programs, you can flexibly set display pages and locations, such as article pages, details pages, and information flows. You can also place ads in Moments.

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