Mini program development process

Original title: Small knowledge of the development process of small programs

Development Process of Mini Programs with Original Knowledge

For developers, the threshold for developing mini programs is relatively low and not as difficult as APPs. It can satisfy simple basic applications and is suitable for offline shops in life services and non-rigid low-frequency applications. conversion. The mini program can realize seven major functions, including message notification, offline QR code scanning, and official account association.

Among them, through the association of official accounts, users can jump between official accounts and mini programs. So what is the development process of small programs?

First Mini Program Requirements

Before making a small program, you must first understand the interface, functions and other attributes of the small program to be developed. If you are developing it independently, you already know the requirements. But if you are a user who wants to develop a small program, you need to explain the interface to the user in advance. , functions and other attributes are well connected to improve user satisfaction.

Second Mini Program Interface Design

This step requires mini program interface design, and the main page design can be connected with the designer, so that it is easy to achieve the desired effect.

The third mini program front end

After completing the above two steps, the next thing we need to do is front-end development. The front-end of the mini program is to make the designed page into an interactive effect, and this interactive effect is only local. This step requires certain development technology.

Fourth Mini Program Backend

After the front-end development is completed, the back-end needs to open up the data through the framework of the mini program and realize the mutual connection of data.

Fifth Mini Program Test

Before the mini program goes online, it needs to be tested. Specialized testers will test every node and function of the mini program before going online to ensure the usability status of the mini program after it goes online.

The sixth mini program is launched

Upload the mini program code that has completed the above steps and wait for review. After review, it can be used online.

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