How much does it cost to develop a blockchain?

How much does it cost to develop a blockchain? Huashang Technology will give you the answer

Blockchain has now become a hot topic pursued by capitalists and investors. There is a feeling in the market that “anyone who has not invested in blockchain is not a good investor.” The army of investors who have followed the trend are eager to give it a try. A friendly reminder to all investors, there are many ways to invest in blockchain, and the costs required for each are different. Before investing, it is better to understand the investment costs first. .

How much does it cost to develop a blockchain?

1. If you are investing in a blockchain development project

Funds required: generally 1 million+ RMB. Project research and development requires a large amount of funds. People who want to invest in this kind of investment without strong funds generally cannot get in… Of course, rich people are free to do so.

Transaction method: Find the blockchain project white paper published by the company, and then bid based on the white paper. If you win, you can provide the company with corresponding funds as required.

Transaction location: Uncertain, it may be online or at a certain location. Everything is based on the project white paper.

2. If you are a blockchain technology supplier

Required funds: Long-term capital investment, the total amount is difficult to say.

Transaction method: Be your own boss or partner, form a blockchain technology team, and then take over the work, develop the corresponding technology according to the needs of the other party for others to use, and just charge a fee after completion. Of course, don’t forget to pay your team. Your profitability depends entirely on the number of customers you have, your efficiency, and your labor costs.

Trading Places: You are the boss and you have the final say.

The above two major methods are the current blockchain development investment and transaction methods, each with different costs. Investors need to choose the appropriate method to invest based on their own circumstances.

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