• What are the development methods of mini programs?

    Original title: What are the development methods of small programs? Nowadays, WeChat mini programs have occupied an important position. Compared with APPs that occupy memory, mini programs are obviously more accepted by the public. So do you know how mini programs are developed? Today, let’s talk to you about several methods of developing small programs! 1. Develop your own source code Every enterprise has its own unique needs. In order to avoid similarities with other companies’ mini programs, many capable and confident enterprises will naturally choose to develop their own…

  • WeChat Development Company: What are the development methods for WeChat public accounts?

    There are many ways to develop a WeChat official account. No matter which development method is used, developers need to understand the development documents and specifications of the WeChat official account platform, and be familiar with the functions and limitations of the WeChat official account. In addition, a good programming foundation and mastery of the development language are also the basis for the development of WeChat official accounts. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce the following common methods to you. 1. Development based on…

  • WeChat development: common methods and tools for WeChat official account development

    WeChat official account development is an application development method based on the WeChat platform, which can be used for various needs of individuals, enterprises, and organizations. The following will introduce some commonly used development methods and tools. WeChat official account development can choose an appropriate development language and framework, use official tools and third-party services provided by WeChat to implement various functions, and pay attention to security and user experience to provide high-quality official account services. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce some common…