How to develop life service applet?

Original title: Mini program development: How to develop life service mini programs?

A mini program can be said to be a simplified version of an app, an application that can be used without downloading or installing. The mini program can realize seven major functions, including message notification, offline QR code scanning, and official account association. It’s ready to go. You can open the app by scanning or searching on WeChat. You don’t have to worry about installing too many apps. Applications will be everywhere and available at any time, but there will be no need to install or uninstall them.

“Eating, drinking and having fun” has always been an important part of the general public’s life and contains abundant business opportunities. Many businesses want to open up the market in this field. This type of service industry is indeed a good opportunity to start a business, and with the increasing number of users of WeChat mini programs, the mini programs can even realize the reservation, payment and customer service docking of various services, opening up opportunities for local business marketing and local service entrepreneurship. new channels.

Therefore, for businesses in the “eating, drinking, and having fun” life service industry, it is definitely very helpful to create a service-type mini program.

Mini program development: How to develop life service mini programs?

Let’s talk about the functional development of life service applet:

Example: Dianbao Mall of a certain company

Category: PC; e-commerce platform, shopping platform

1. Introduction: It is a platform designed to provide users with daily consumption and shopping needs. It has online functions such as product search, query browsing, collection, online payment, and communication. Provide users with a quick access to life services.

2. Function description:

①Product search/browsing: Search the required products online, browse the products with multiple pictures, and shop at any time

② Merchant settlement: The platform sets the threshold for merchants to settle in, and scans the QR code with one click to obtain the merchant’s contact information, making the service more secure.

③Collect products: Collect your favorite products and quickly find them in your personal center, creating a fast and simple shopping experience.

Mini program development: How to develop life service mini programs?

Benefits brought by service mini programs:

1. Drain traffic from nearby mini programs

2. Scan the QR code to make an appointment

3. Multiple marketing tools

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