Conference sign-in methods: Several sign-in functions commonly used in meetings

With the advent of the era of Internet information explosion, the needs of traditional conference sign-in users have also changed. The pursuit of higher-quality, more interactive, and more efficient sign-in forms has become a popular trend. At the same time, the sign-in link Its importance in the activity has become more and more prominent, becoming the starting point for the success of the entire activity.

Let’s take a look today: Meeting sign-in methods: Several sign-in functions commonly used in meetings

Meeting sign-in method
Meeting sign-in method

Scan QR code to sign in

WeChat has become the mainstream social software now and is relatively popular. This sign-in mode has also been widely used. Guests only need to scan the QR code and enter their mobile phone number to complete the sign-in. They can also upgrade to 3D sign-in on the basis of scanning the QR code to sign in the guests. After scanning the QR code, the WeChat avatar can generate a logo and display it on the big screen. This method is easy to operate, saves time and effort, and can be applied to various types of activities.

Face recognition sign-in

Using facial recognition technology, guests will automatically identify their identity information when they walk to the security gate area. This kind of check-in is more suitable for large-scale events, without queuing, and plays a good management role for guests, and the overall feeling is very grand. Enhance the quality of the entire event.

Puzzle Check-in

Use the company logo as the background wall and place leaf blocks or lanterns. After signing in, the corresponding position changes, and a dazzling logo shape finally appears. It is suitable for new product launches and various celebration activities. This check-in method ensures that everyone is present when the number of participants is determined. Otherwise, the logo will not be filled enough, which will affect the appearance.

Creative emoticon sign-in

Guests receive emoticons with corresponding characteristics, paste facial features on face avatars with different skin colors, and sign next to their avatars; specially invited painters will intercept the corresponding avatars to make unique portraits, which will be printed and sent to the guests for collection. In the case of this year’s event butler, the Ctrip Lodging Annual Meeting event is this creative form.

WeChat printer check-in

This requires the use of WeChat printers. Guests sign in by taking photos, posing in various poses, and pasting the generated small photos on the background wall. This form is suitable for company annual meetings, celebrations and dinners. It is very suitable for company annual meetings, celebrations and dinners. A good lively atmosphere mobilizes the scene. Not appropriate at some more formal events.

Customized bracelet sign-in

First of all, there are electronic bracelets. Guests only need to bring the bracelet close to the sensing device to identify and pass, which improves the safety of the event. Secondly, there are silicone bracelets, which can be kept as a souvenir after the event. It is a relatively new way to sign in. , for more interactive activities.

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