How to build and develop WeChat mall mini program?

Original title: How to build and develop WeChat mall mini-programs?

As the business opportunities of WeChat mini programs increase, many companies and merchants have invested in the development of WeChat mall mini programs. Because of the convenience of WeChat mini programs, mall mini programs can effectively improve merchants’ product conversion, allowing users to Place orders quickly without downloading the APP. But many people don’t know how the WeChat mall applet is developed, so today I will tell you about it, hoping it will be helpful to you.

How to build and develop WeChat mall mini program?

1. Plan the positioning of the mall mini program

Although the functions and logic of the mall mini-programs are roughly the same, there are differences in themes and designs. That is to say, each company’s positioning in using mall mini-programs is different. For example, there are mall mini-programs that specialize in second-hand transactions, or there are mall mini-programs that specialize in electrical appliances. In fact, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is unrealistic to create a mall mini program similar to Taobao and that covers a wide range of applications, so everyone needs to plan the positioning of the mall mini program.

2. Selection of small program development company

The issue of selecting a small program development company is a problem that confuses many people. Because now the market is flooded with various small program developers, but their quotations and development quality are uneven. Therefore, you need to be strict when choosing a mini program developer. Generally speaking, you can search the other party’s official website through a search engine, or use platforms such as Tianyancha and Qichacha to query the other party’s company information, as well as other channels. Evaluate news, etc. to determine whether the other party is trustworthy.

3. Register an account related to the WeChat mini program

In addition to finding a mini program developer, the first thing a company or merchant needs to complete is to register an account, such as registering a mini program account, applying for WeChat merchant payment, etc. After the account registration is completed, it is necessary to obtain and set some relevant information and submit it to the service provider. There is also the fact that e-commerce applets usually require the payment function to be activated, and then enterprise qualifications need to be provided to the platform. In addition, the mini program account requires a certification fee of 300 yuan. If you have a certified public account, you can waive this fee.

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