• Information Sharing-What is NFT? What are the three underlying protocol standards for NFT?

    The market is always looking for new investment targets and new implementation scenarios. Judging from the current development of the blockchain industry, NFT is likely to be a door to the future. Below we will take you to understand what NFT is, what FT is, and several protocols used in NFT. Through this article, you can understand the basic knowledge of NFT. For ordinary developers, this is enough. What are NFTs? Fungible Token Fungible Token is a homogeneous token, also translated as a fungible token. A conventional token used to…

  • NFT technology: Where will NFT development go in the future?

    The market is always looking for new investment targets and new implementation scenarios. Judging from the current development of the blockchain industry, NFT is likely to be a door to the future. At the same time, as the popularity of NFT in China is getting higher and higher, some negative news has also begun to appear. But this is all understandable. After all, everything has two sides. If it is too perfect, ordinary people will not dare to touch it. Where will NFT development go in the future? This year…

  • What are the uses of NFT technology in real life? What are the application scenarios?

    The NFT industry layout in overseas markets is complete and competition in the industry is fierce. NFT focuses on trading platforms and fashion social networking, and NFT collections, games, finance, etc. are developing simultaneously. In China, digital collections and corporate digital marketing are the main focus, and they are gradually beginning to experiment with digital people, games, etc. In addition, NFT application scenarios also include access authorization categories such as sports, cultural relics and history, music, and ticketing. 1. Collection Scarcity is an important attribute of collectibles. The immutability of…

  • Blockchain Finance: What role does NFT play under the development opportunities of the digital economy?

    Before the emergence of cryptocurrency, we already had digital currencies (such as Q coins and coupons in games). Since the birth of the Internet, we have also had non-fungible digital assets. Domain names, tickets, in-game gear, and even names used on the network. They are all non-fungible digital assets. Many of them are very valuable. In the past few months, NFT has been “speculated” extremely hotly, and it has been at the forefront of the blockchain financial circle. What does the emergence of NFT represent during this time period? What…

  • Blockchain NFT technology: Analysis of knowledge related to NFT technology

    Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you the underlying protocol, public chain deployment, application scenarios, trading platform and investment methods of the recently popular blockchain NFT technology. Underlying protocol NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Tokens, which means non-fungible tokens, also known as non-fungible tokens. Just like works of art, each piece is unique. Based on the technical advantages of decentralization, anti-tampering, and time stamping of blockchain technology, by benchmarking the value of off-chain items with NFTs, the ownership of artworks can be confirmed and transactions can be queried….

  • What are NFT and FT, and analysis of their uses

    The full name of NFT in English is Non-Fungible Token, which translated into Chinese is: non-fungible token, which has the characteristics of indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique. On the blockchain, digital cryptocurrencies are divided into two categories: native coins and tokens. The former, such as the familiar Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., has its own main chain and uses transactions on the chain to maintain ledger data; tokens are attached to the existing blockchain and use smart contracts to record ledgers. Such as tokens issued on Ethereum. Tokens can be divided into two…

  • What are NFTs? What are the advantages of blockchain NFT digital collections?

    Speaking of the current Internet buzzword “blockchain”, we have to mention “NFT”. NFT is an emerging industry, and it all starts with the development and popularization of blockchain technology. If blockchain technology has not been recognized yet, I believe NFT will not become popular. What are NFTs? NFT (Non-fungible token), that is, non-fungible token. It relies on blockchain technology to confirm the rights of digital commodities such as digital artworks and digital tickets. After a digital product is encrypted through NFT means, it will have its own “digital certificate”. This…

  • Introduction to NFT: Some characteristics of NFT

    NFT is a very unique blockchain product, and its distinctive technical features are an important direction for us to understand NFT. In NFT, we have an unprecedented blockchain experience. The low-threshold NFT has become a bridge for us to understand and contact the blockchain. Let’s talk about some characteristics of NFT, hoping it will be helpful to everyone. 1. UniqueThe digital files of traditional artworks can be copied at will, while NFT allows these artworks to obtain “digital IDs” with unique identities through blockchain verification. Its creators can decide the…

  • Analyze the entrepreneurial opportunities of NFT music

    NFT has generated an immeasurable consensus among some people (and these people may also be core groups such as stars, players, artists, etc.). It is a product that everyone agrees is valuable. Immeasurable means that it may be worth whatever you think it is worth, and it refers to the possibility of value. Music NFT sales on OpenSea have underperformed compared to digital art, collectibles, and other categories. Let’s analyze the entrepreneurial opportunities of NFT music: When people think of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), most popular collectibles like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape…

  • Will NFT technology change the art world and the development prospects of NFT?

    NFTs are digital objects that are verified on the blockchain and have properties such as uniqueness and non-fungibility. They can take the form of almost any category, but most notably come in the form of art, music, items in blockchain-based video games, and videos. Let’s discuss whether NFT will change the art world in the future and the future prospects of NFT. We are optimistic about this and believe that NFT will have a great impact on the art world in the future. One area where NFTs have taken off…

  • The Differences and Connections Between NFTs and the Metaverse

    Both NFT and the metaverse are hot topics discussed recently. When you talk about the metaverse, you will think of NFT. When you talk about NFT, it will naturally be brought into the metaverse. So what is the connection between them? And what kind of thinking should we use to look at the relationship between the two? Next, let’s take a look at the relationship between Metaverse and NFT, hoping to help everyone. We first Take a look at their respective Explanations: The term Metaverse is composed of Meta and…

  • The development of NFT digital collections must find an NFT development company?

    NFT is a product of blockchain technology and belongs to a relatively new and high-tech industry. It has added a powerful guarantee to the blockchain, allowing more industries to enter, so it has also won the appetite of many industries today. However, the threshold for development is still relatively high. The development of NFT projects can only be done by NFT platform development companies. This statement is not an exaggeration at all. If an enterprise wants to develop an NFT art trading platform, it must find a professional NFT platform…

  • The development status and trend of NFT

    Since the second half of last year, we can see a large number of traditional giants: such as Time Magazine, Nike, etc., as well as performing arts stars such as Jay Chou, etc. have issued their own NFT. This shows that subjects in the traditional field, especially those with their own traffic and IP (whether companies or individuals) have begun to pay attention to the out-of-circle effect of NFT, and are also aware of this The out-of-circle effect can further consolidate or even expand one’s influence. The NFTs issued by…