• Virtual World: The Relationship between Blockchain and Metaverse

    In recent years, some people believe that the Metaverse is a new market and a new direction that can lead to many creations and innovations. It will bring about huge changes in the current business operation model, or it can improve production efficiency, and even make people’s lives more convenient. , is more technological and virtual, expands the penetration of real-life experience technology, provides digital twin technology generation as a mirror of the real world, network chain virtual construction technology, economic technology, social technology, positioning technology, etc. What role does…

  • Why is the current Internet not a metaverse? What are the problems?

    The Metaverse is a decentralized digital world where people can freely participate and live together with independent identities. The heated discussions on the Internet about immersive experience VR/AR are just some of the many interactive methods in the metaverse. Other interactive methods can also be mobile phones, computers, tablets, cars, etc., which seem ordinary and ordinary. thing. Let’s talk about why the current Internet is not a metaverse and what are the problems? It seems that we all have digital identities online, such as Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu accounts, etc., but…

  • Blockchain Metaverse: What blockchain technologies does the Metaverse include?

    You can travel around the universe at will. You can just discuss the latest consultation with your American friends, the next second you can ask your Korean friends to play games together on Mars, and at night you can watch Jay Chou. ‘s concert. Maybe that bored ape sitting next to you at the concert is your real-life boss. Turn fantasy into reality and make everything immersive! The future blockchain metaverse: NFT, Dao, GameFi, DeFi, etc., people bring specific equipment to enter the metaverse: 1. Link the wallet address. The…

  • The relationship between the metaverse and the blockchain

    The underlying structure of the metaverse or the virtual world must be based on the blockchain, why? Because the metaverse is a parallel world, and the importance of that parallel world is very likely to surpass the real world, it will be big enough and wonderful enough, so wonderful that we are in the real world except eating and drinking, and all other activities include our survival All work is carried out in the universe. Next, let’s talk about the relationship between Metaverse and blockchain: Therefore, there must be a…

  • The Differences and Connections Between NFTs and the Metaverse

    Both NFT and the metaverse are hot topics discussed recently. When you talk about the metaverse, you will think of NFT. When you talk about NFT, it will naturally be brought into the metaverse. So what is the connection between them? And what kind of thinking should we use to look at the relationship between the two? Next, let’s take a look at the relationship between Metaverse and NFT, hoping to help everyone. We first Take a look at their respective Explanations: The term Metaverse is composed of Meta and…

  • What is the ecosystem of the Metaverse, and what are the five specific systems?

    What is the ecosystem of the Metaverse, and what are the five specific systems? The ecosystem of Metaverse can be divided into five layers, including technical system, content system, economic system, collaboration system and governance system. Among them, the technical system is the integration of a new generation of information technology; the content system needs to have open content, allowing more people to participate in the Metaverse; the economic system mainly emphasizes exchange, including incentive mechanisms and rights protection mechanisms, To promote the formation of the metaverse ecology; the collaboration…

  • Analysis of the Status Quo of the Metaverse

    Metaverse RecentIt’s very popular, even Facebook changed its name to meta, and started to enter the metaverse with all its strength. Google, Microsoft and other industry giants have laid out their plans one after another. Maybe everyone is very excited now, and they are starting to look forward to and look forward to the future life in the metaverse. However, to pour cold water on everyone, the metaverse, especially the metaverse at this stage, is purely a profit-seeking game for capitalists, and has nothing to do with ordinary people. Next,…