Application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection

my country’s Internet industry has developed rapidly in recent years. However, with the spatial leap and concealment of the Internet, intellectual property infringement incidents have occurred frequently. happened, and electronic evidence emerged in large quantities. Emerging technologies represented by blockchain have brought new changes to the collection and storage of electronic evidence.

Application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection
Blockchain technology

The application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection is mainly reflected in the full life cycle management of original content, solving problems existing in the confirmation, use, rights protection, transaction and other aspects of original content, and realizing copyright registration, intelligent transactions, Functions such as evidence collection and storage create a full-link intellectual property protection ecosystem and promote the healthy and orderly development of the original content market.

Creators can register and consolidate their intellectual property rights, apply for certificates, and apply for rights protection through the intellectual property system developed based on the blockchain, forming credible evidence that can be used to confirm and protect rights. They can then apply to relevant agencies for the issuance of certificates and give the evidence legal Effectiveness, clear ownership of property rights. At the same time, the asymmetric encryption technology of blockchain technology can record the creative process and results without exposing the specific content, ensuring the integrity of intellectual property information.

Subsequent information on the transfer of intellectual property will also be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring a complete chain of intellectual property transfer transactions. The static ownership and dynamic changes of intellectual property rights can be clearly recorded, improving the efficiency of intellectual property rights confirmation and property rights circulation.

Through the on-chain information of intellectual property rights, the owner of intellectual property rights can be quickly and clearly traced, and the power definition of intellectual property rights can also be quickly determined. In addition, the property owner collects evidence and solidifies relevant infringements through the blockchain intellectual property system. While writing the infringement into the blockchain, it also clarifies the infringing subject. Based on the non-tampering characteristics of the blockchain, once the infringement occurs, it cannot be deny.

In addition to the above advantages, blockchain intellectual property can be combined with blockchain justice to break the limitations of traditional mediation time, space and geography in intellectual property trials, allowing parties to resolve conflicts and disputes without leaving home, greatly reducing Reduce litigation costs for parties and improve case handling efficiency.

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