• Features of real estate mini program development

    Original title: Functions of Property Mini Program Development Property management is closely related to each of our lives. Whether we rent a house or buy a house, we need to pay property fees every quarter, and property companies also provide users with a variety of services, whether it is a community or a house. Shops and office buildings are all property management companies. Now WeChat mini programs are developing very well. Many property companies are not sure whether this industry is suitable for mini programs. What are the functions of…

  • How to develop property management applet software?

    In the era of mobile Internet, property management app software development has emerged to promote the construction of modern smart communities. 1. Overview of property management applet software development The development of property management applet software can help the property platform create exclusive smart property services, and combine the platform to provide personalized services for community residents and community property personnel. 2. How to develop property management applet software? 1. Property equipment related management functions Generally, properties will have many smart devices. The property management system needs to associate these…

  • What are the functions of property management APP software development?

    Property management companies are no strangers to property owners. Each community has its own property management company. A strong property management company will have its own way of dealing with business problems, including solving business worries online. Most properties use The best way is to solve problems offline, such as paying property fees, water bills, etc. If there is a property management app to specifically manage this aspect, it will be much more convenient for the owners. So what are the functions that can be developed for the property app?…

  • What functions should the property development mini program have?

    What are the functions of the property mini program In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has driven many emerging industries, such as mini programs. Compared with the APP, the mini program is simpler to operate. There is no need to download and you can use it on the go. You can use the mini program to order online, and you no longer have to queue up for a bite. You can also use the mini program to make a hairdressing appointment, so you no longer have to…

  • Application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection

    my country’s Internet industry has developed rapidly in recent years. However, with the spatial leap and concealment of the Internet, intellectual property infringement incidents have occurred frequently. happened, and electronic evidence emerged in large quantities. Emerging technologies represented by blockchain have brought new changes to the collection and storage of electronic evidence. The application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection is mainly reflected in the full life cycle management of original content, solving problems existing in the confirmation, use, rights protection, transaction and other aspects of…