How to make money by developing WeChat mini programs

As Tencent’s core strategy, the commercial value of WeChat mini programs may be ten or a hundred times that of official accounts.

In this era of information counting by seconds, the WeChat mini program has had hundreds of millions of daily active users since its launch.

The number of people on WeChat has reached 1 billion. How can we use mini programs to make money? This is a question that every merchant and enterprise is exploring again.

How to make money by developing WeChat mini programs
WeChat Mini Program

1. Mini-games and mini-programs: I believe many people have played mini-programs and mini-games. Through various small advertisements in them, you can get good profits, and even individual businesses can do it.

2. Article information mini-programs: Used by self-media people, article information mini-programs can synchronize the content of WeChat public accounts and can directly reward them.

3. Service reservation is a popular mini program category in recent times. Generally speaking, it displays the address of the store, service content, and can book service time and items. You can choose to make your own mini program for beauty salons, manicures and massages, housekeeping, moving, courier booking of movie tickets, tickets, and hotel bookings. The fees are transparent and easy to use. This is the biggest advantage of the service reservation mini program. .

4. Online ordering app: Generally, a QR code is placed on the table of the restaurant. Users can scan the code to place orders independently, and can also make notes on the taste. When eating the meal, the meal cost will be calculated. No need to Download any APP and close it after use, which also saves operating costs. What’s the most embarrassing thing about ordering food at a restaurant? Of course, the waiters are busy, or the ordering machine is not enough. At this time, the online ordering applet is very powerful. Open the mini program and place an order by yourself. You can also note the customer number and taste. The price of the meal has already been calculated when placing the order. You can pay directly if you want to pay. AA or treats are also relatively open and transparent. And you don’t need to download any APP, just close it when you’re done using it and open it again next time you want to use it. It does not occupy memory and does not annoy users. This user experience is really great, so many restaurants have chosen to develop their own online ordering applets.

5. E-commerce mini programs: Among all mini programs, e-commerce mini programs should have the most direct market prospects and the most obvious monetization methods. Users of e-commerce mini programs directly complete the purchase process, including product selection, purchase, and payment, and realize cash directly. The fastest way to create fission in e-commerce mini-programs is group buying. The more favorable way of buying together makes users willing to actively share and buy, and completes transactions while acquiring users. E-commerce mini programs can be subdivided into: e-commerce mini programs, boutique e-commerce mini programs, food e-commerce mini programs, luxury e-commerce, art e-commerce, etc., which can meet the different needs of enterprises.

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