What is the specific process of developing a mobile app?

Mobile APP has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Many people want to develop their own mobile applications. When we download an APP from the app store, the first thing we need to do when opening it is to register and log in. After logging in, we can perform specific operations. Some The APP also has some guide pages. In fact, these are the functions that an APP needs to implement.

What is the specific process of developing a mobile app?
APP development

Let’s find out what is the specific process of developing a mobile phone program by yourself.

1. Clarify the functions that the mobile app needs to implement. For example, the functions that the medical APP needs to implement include appointment, HIS system connection, registration, payment, expert consultation, online pharmacy, online consultation, case report, patient side and doctor side. Short video APP is similar to Douyin, and Kuaishou needs to implement video editing, video publishing, special effects blessing, forwarding, likes, comments, video classification, private messages and other functions. There are many different types of mobile phone programs that need to implement different functions, so it is very important to be clear about the type of mobile phone program you want to develop and the functions it implements.

2. Design of product prototype. After clarifying the functions, you can start designing the product. You need to design the menu bar, page switching, content layout, etc. It is equivalent to having a drawing model as a standard before building a house.

3. Design of UI and UE. These two designs were completed after the product prototype was released. Because user experience is very important for a mobile APP, designers need to complete the UI and UE design from the user’s perspective.

Fourth, front-end and back-end development of mobile applications. Both the front-end and the back-end require professional IT engineers to develop. Therefore, making a mobile program requires a technical team.

5. Test and go online. After the development is completed, it needs to be tested and used. Once the use is feasible, preparations can be made for going online.

The process of mobile phone software development is actually not complicated. As long as every step is done well and from the perspective of user experience, user stickiness can be better increased.

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